It's All About The Benjamin's Baby!!!!!!!!

"Pandee Chi"is taking the DMV by storm

Pandee Chi Laboratory owner, Pandee “Bella” Chi, and Friendship Cafe DC owner, HK, laugh it up in small conversation as they close out on a couple of business deals before they close out the year 2019. 

"It's a business match made from heaven.” They explain in unison their personal friendship turned business relationship. 

HK and Pandee met in the latter end of 2019 on what they thought would be a one time deal which blossomed into a fully booked venue lounge for the year 2020 for these two business owners. 

When "The Lab Blog" asked Pandee Chi, what her goals were for the business pair she quickly replied, "Together we will turn thousands into millions, and eventually I want to run a billion dollar company.”

Throughout the entire year of 2019, Pandee Chi vowed to make a statement and live a lifestyle of the most prestige socialite to her best ability making sure to  check the things to do off her list and conquering her goals every single day. One of her main goals; getting the MGM  Casino’s main bar to create a signature drink,

"The Bella.”

While promoting and Marketing her company Pandee Chi Laboratory and the persona of "Pandee Chi", she managed to enjoy the nights out by networking with tons of entrepreneurs and business investors and ended up with a signature drink named after her. From there on out, Pandee was determined to let the world know her name and eventually place it on bar menu’s throughout the DMV area.  

So when the two business owner’s collaborated there was no stopping them. Pandee Landed her signature drink, "The Bella,” on HK's Luxurious Lounge, bottle service bar menu and even closed a deal on his delicious and delicate,  Korean style macaroons, during any Pandee Chi sponsored event.

With a fully booked year to come in 2020, the District should expect a lot of outstanding social events from HK and Pandee Chi.

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